un monde délaissé


Forsaken World is a Western-style 3-D MMORPG developed by WANMEI, a Chinese firm, and published in the United States and Europe by Perfect World Entertainment, Inc.

Players are transported to a brave new world where monsters, magic, and adventure are the rule rather than the exception. The MMORPG is set in the land of Eyrda, a world torn apart by war. According to FW lore, Dyos created the world and bequeathed it to his children: Vyda, Tytan, and Illyfue. However, the nemesis of Dyos, Nyos, also left a child on Eyrda – monstrous Mylvada, the leader of the Storm Legion. The constant struggle between the five races of Eyrda and the ever-growing evil of the Storm Legion forms the canvas of the game on which players superimpose their own triumphs, tragedies, and struggles for glory and power.

FW features 5 races and 8 classes

1. Human

Available Classes: Assassin/Mage/Priest/Warrior

2. Elf

Available Classes: Bard/Priest/Warrior

3. Kindred

Available Classes: Assassin/Mage/Vampire

4. Stoneman

Available Classes: Protector

5. Dwarf

Available Classes: Marksman

Note~ a number of my adorable header images come from syosa


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