la coeur d’un lion




noun a person of exceptional courage or bravery

Lionheart is the PvE (player versus environment) West server of Forsaken World. This means that there is no open-world PK (player killing).

Because there is no open-world PK, competitions over bosses (epic or otherwise) are limited to DPS (damage per second) tests in which two parties measure their damage dealing capabilities against each other, with the party dealing the most damage obtaining the loot from the boss. Even so, there is dispute over whether KS-ing (kill-stealing) a boss that other players have already tagged is acceptable behavior or not despite numerous assertions from FW that bosses are intended to be FFA (free-for-all).

As a PvE server, Lionheart and its players are often given the “carebear” moniker by their PvP counterparts. However, Lionheart has it’s own (virtually) bloody history of guild feuds, unchecked egos, and broken alliances, which I will do my best to chronicle in this blog! Perhaps because they do not have the recourse of PK, Lionheart’s players often resort to manipulating the structured competition of the game and/or social subterfuge to help their friends and punish their enemies.


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