la petite fille


A derpy divine priest who occasionally indulges in a fair rendition of a rampaging buffalo and more frequently fails to fulfill her healer duties to her party members due to moments of distracting dumbness.

I started playing FW in the summer of 2012 after stumbling upon a trailer on My first character is now a lv80 dark/blood dual tree’d vampire who has been put to pasture as an EB (Eternal Belief) healing slave. I had initially chosen a vampire for the novelty, but soon discovered that I violently missed playing a healer role and instantaneously fell in love with my divine priest alt.

Full Disclosure: I hardly qualify as a good healer. In fact, I derp more often than not. But, I really enjoy my priest and believe that with enough hard work I am sure to improve!

Most of the posts of this blog are dedicated to my 3 pets – cat posts to my first FW pet, and fairy posts to my priest’s two default pets. However, I’ll also occasionally write a girl post~ these are posts that give mini-updates on non-FW related developments in my life – interesting, blasé, or otherwise~


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