mlle. la fée


Rinoa is my much beloved 10/7/7 Succubby. Originally, she belonged to Jerz, but came into my care through a pet swap in which I traded my dark vampire’s Phantom (with Precision III) to his ice mage for the purposes of furthering our pvp progress (I’ll elaborate more in a later post, but essentially, our lowbie team had hit a wall in which his mage didn’t have the accuracy to cc (crowd control) a number of higher level evasion build players we were facing. In return, Jerz gave me his Succubus (aka fairy pet) so I would have a partner that was not only capable of providing a much-needed attack buff, but also the perfect accessory to my elf wings and fashion choices.

Together with my Pumpkin Monster, Rinoa has been my partner through almost all of my pvp adventures as a divine priest. So, another half of my posts are dedicated to these two adorable fairies and their irreplaceable buffs and support in all matters arena.

Every time you see a fairy post, it means the post is, well, gossip. It will either recount a juicy tidbit I’ve heard, or divulge my own particular take on a certain person/event/conflict.


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