gate-breaking niveau 80


“Progress isn’t made by early risers. It’s made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something.” ― Robert A. Heinlein

After putting the inevitable off for a good month or so, I finally broke my level 80 soul gate last week (*´▽`*)

Reason: My soul power was getting scarily close to being maxed (max being 270000000 sp)

The quests: Defend Dusk Town (DDT) – summoning and killing a Deadly Blood Lord, Tomb of Kings (ToK), Gauntlet of Storms (GoS), cracked Shrine of Light (cSoL), God’s Trial (GT).

The Arassas (Mizz and Devilishly) were lovely and helped out quite a bit with the various quests and Eelon nicely did GT with me on his mage and priest  ♥(‘∀’●)

It was honestly quite an experience since I ended up dual clienting all of the quests besides GT (dual clienting in FW is when you run 2 games/characters at once) – I have a super lazy in-game 老公, so gate-breaking is what it is! Truthfully, I don’t actually approve of dual clienting higher level instances since it is always slower to move and react with two characters rather than one, so I think it’s a pretty rude habit, but necessity is the father of adaptation, so dual client I did (°◡°)

With level 80 soul power:

lv80 soul power


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