Mlle. Puff


城市的夜晚就像是戴着墨镜,如果你看不到我的欲望,是不是就不会揭穿我的彷徨。 – 泡芙小姐

“The city’s night is like wearing a pair of shades, if you can’t see my desire, then you won’t notice my hesitation” – Miss Puff

I’ve always loved how Miss Puff seems to give words to the desires and hesitations of my modern generation. We want and possess so much – smartphones, careers, diplomas, designer bags and shoes and sunglasses – yet we’re still hesitating before the metropolis and the dream it embodies. We attain so easily that we often find ourselves asking if we ever truly desired them. When the world is handed to you on a silver plate, have you ever had the opportunity to prove to yourself that the world is what you really wanted? When all the world is in love with you, your potential, your youth, have you ever truly learned to love yourself or other people?

Miss Puff is like a modern Carrie Bradshaw (yes, Carrie Bradshaw is immortal, but she is also, unfortunately, past her prime). Like Sex and the City, she tells the story of a modern generation discovering the world and the meaning of love and desire at the heart of one of the world’s greatest cities. The difference? Miss Puff and her friends live in Beijing, China, the heart of what is now the world’s second largest economy. And while we are invited to share in Miss Puff’s relationships with two very different men, what Miss Puff and her friends learn about is what it means to love and desire beyond the confines of one relationship or love affair. It’s a very modern, post-90s generation love affair: the struggle to relate to a world that is growing increasingly detached, to hold on to friendships that are increasingly constrained by time, and to love yourself not by loving yourself, but by accepting and loving the world around you. Instead of trying to “make it” in the fast-beating pulse of the brave new world, Miss Puff is trying to not be dragged into the speeding vortex of the city and of modern life. It’s the coming-of-age of the modern generation: the struggle to be less egocentric in a world where you are told everything is about you, and the battle to walk at your own pace in a world where sometimes the hardest thing to do is to simply slow. down.

I recently found Season 4 on youku and will start watching today! I highly recommend this webseries to anyone who occasionally wonders: “Where did my time go?”


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